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100% Organic
Grass-Fed Cow Ghee in the UK

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organic grass fed cow ghee UK
Gut Healing & Immune Boosting Benefits
chilli ghee
Laboratory Tested
cinnamon ghee
organic grass fed cow ghee
Glass Jars
organic grass fed ghee
Certified Organic and Grass‑Fed
clarified butter
Gold Standard
High Temperature
Cooking Fat (482°F/250°C)
organic grass fed cow ghee UK
Authentic Ayurvedic
organic ghee UK

We are: Ghee Appétit

I grew up in an Indian household alongside my mother who was a University Professor in Cookery. She was a passionate recipe creator, which gave me an opportunity to learn from her how to create homemade ingredients and clarified butter from scratch.

The aroma of fragrant spices in buttery organic Ghee, coming from the evening kitchen at home, always feels nostalgic. From turmeric Ghee to chilli Ghee, we have a variety of organic grass-fed Ghee available to buy online.

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