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Superfood that crosses the Blood Brain Barrier - GHEE

Published on:
January 19, 2024


 This article is an attempt to throw some light into the importance of ghee and how it is known to cross the Blood Brain Barrier. We say this because the molecular structure of Ghee is very much like our own body lipids, thus imparting permeability and readily absorptivity in the body.

Certain short-sighted research in the modern times and popular media threats have had people to simply hate cholesterol. They look at cholesterol as a toxin or something that should be tested as high and low and absolutely kept away from the body. But did you know that almost all hormones that are pivotal in our healthy body functions are synthesized in our body using cholesterol?  We have learnt so far in holistic health, that fat is a key macro nutrient. But did you know that fat works as a very good transport for certain materials which needs to cross cellular borders such as the 'blood-brain barrier' separating blood vessels and brain tissues? The fear of cholesterol, coupled with the fear of gaining weight has caused the modern-day practice of staying away from all kinds of fats and oils as much as possible. In clinical practice, Ayurveda physicians have this dilemma where their patients reject any fat or oil-based medicinal preparations out of this fear. Seldom do they realize that this is essential to heal their condition. The most rejected among the fat-based medicines are a category called "ghṛta" which are formulations with Ghee or Clarified Butter, often from cow milk, as its base.

Ghee, a perfect transport

In Ayurveda, we have herbs that can only be administered with/in Ghee. There are also concoctions that are made in Ghee.  These ‘Ghrta’ medicinal herbs are formulated so because Ghee has a unique feature called "saṃskārasya anuvarttanaṃ". This is a quality of ghee which makes it assimilate the properties of the medicines added to it, without losing its innate beneficial attributes; and transporting the medicine by travelling to the inner most ‘dhatu’ or body tissue. E.G. If Turmeric is administered in Ghee, it can travel far up to the bone marrow tissue as well.  Human cell membrane is made up of lipo-proteins and it is easier for lipid soluble particles to get absorbed into the cell. Medicinal substances with ghee as the medium (ghṛta) have the liberty to pass the blood-brain barrier and placental barrier. So the benefits of ghee based formulations reach the target sites sooner and more effectively. The effect of ghee formulation is eventually distributed throughout the body. 

It is the same as we have seen in some Vitamins that are fat soluble, like Vitamin-D. Fat here means a catalyst agent that transports the Vitamin where it is required, to reach its destination. In the Vit-D situation the calcium is taken from the blood stream and transported to the skeletal bones where it belongs, thus helping aging conditions like Osteoporosis and calcification in the arteries. So, people who take Vitamin D tablets are advised Vitamin K2 along with it for the same purpose that we discussed above.And there is no better source of Vit-K2, than Ghee. Lookout for the Article on Ghee being rich in Vitamin K2 in our Blog section….coming  soon.

Yes, much like all other fats, ghee is also found to raise cholesterol levels, if taken in huge quantities alongside heavy carbohydrates. But contrary to the existing popular beliefs, ghee is a lot safer when compared to refined oils and seed oils, and when consumed as a part of the healthy diet where body derives its fuel form fats and not carbohydrates. Ghee can be consumed daily in small quantity as source of good fat. Children can afford to have larger quantity every day when compared to elderly. Studies have shown that ghee is good for lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Pure ghee is the lightest lipid. It is lighter than any other fat or oil. In small amounts, it helps to kindle digestive fire and enhance digestion. It clears out all the chronic troubles of indigestion and bloating. No matter how nourishing is the food that we take, it will not give you the expected benefits unless it gets fully digested.And we already know by now that a healthy gut that digests anything and everything to extract the nutrients from food, keeps us disease-free, calms the nervous system, imparts energy and keeps the mind sane.

Therefore, Its time to shed all reservations against Ghee and welcome it to your daily Nutrition..!


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