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Founder: Vidushi Sharma

My Ghee Journey

I grew up in an Indian household alongside my mother who was a University Professor in Cookery. She was a passionate recipe creator, which gave me an opportunity to learn from her how to create homemade ingredients and recipes from scratch. The aroma of fragrant spices, in buttery Ghee, coming from the evening kitchen at home, always feels nostalgic.

Out of the many culinary legacies that my mother left me with, the main one was the traditional recipe of the Ghee. It is exactly how our ancestors would make it; by hand, slow cooked and with methods to enhance and retain Ghee’s healing properties as it is cooked. I loved churning and cooking my own fresh ghee. Ghee always stood in my home pantry. I would mostly use ghee for friends and family dinners or special occasions. The comments on how flavourful and buttery aromatic my cooking tasted, made me thank my role model each time.

A turning point came into my life when, due to a health issue, I had to take to lifestyle and diet change. In the course of this transition, I learnt how Ghee was the best cooking medium, over all other cooking oils and fats. As I embarked on the journey to study and research Holistic Health and Nutrition, I noticed that Ghee had become a world-wide favourite and was endorsed by most Nutritionists, Health Coaches and Functional Doctors.

In the next phase of my journey, I started cooking batches of Ghee at home and distributing them to my friends and family to seek feedback. I also tried most available Ghee brands from the stores in UK and found that these were labelled as clarified butter. Although Ghee is a form of clarified butter, most of the store-bought Ghee was not purified enough to get rid of Casein and Lactose.

When prepared using the traditional Indian Ayurvedic way, the Casein and Lactose are mostly removed, therefore making Ghee tolerable, even for those who cannot consume dairy. This Ancient Indian Superfood is now essential in almost all healing diets such as Paleo, Keto, Fodmap, Whole30, GAPS, Macrobiotic, Ayurvedic, Dairy free, to name a few.

Thus, was born Ghee appétit.

The benefits people are deriving by adopting to this healthy cooking medium are numerous. Ghee has gained a special place in the hearts of the health conscious. I personally benefitted a great deal and switched the whole family’s cooking to Ghee. My interest in Holistic Health, combined with food as medicine, is the most satisfactory path I have found. Therefore, I have taken my passion, legacy and experience to bring a wholesome cooking medium to meet the modern palate.  

I am happy to present our fine recipe Ghee in original, flavoured and infused variety to you. Do you have an appetite for Ghee?

Sourcing Organic Ingredients

The most important step was to source the best butter, and to settle for anything less than Organic and Grass Fed was not the aim. We contacted dairy farms, tried their butters and then found the best quality butter that ticked all of our boxes. We also contacted organic spices suppliers as we did not want to infuse non-organic spices into our Ghee.

The whole package had to be organic.

Recipe trials started and many batches were distributed for feedback. Some outcomes were favourable, and some were not. Many such rounds were done to get the recipes finalised, tested and certified.

Our vision is clear. Ghee, the vital fuel-oil that heals our inside and outside should be 100% Organic and Grass-Fed.

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