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Our Ghee and Its Infusions

Published on:
June 3, 2022

Our Ghee And Its Infusions

We have worked passionately to bring the Ghee Appétit original ghee and ghee Infusions to the world of food lovers who want to eat healthy. Our aim is to see more and more people enjoying this delicious and amazing superfood.

Ghee is an incredible ingredient gifted to us by Ayurveda. It is used all over the Indian sub-continent in the varied-regional cooking styles. Ghee is one of the finest fuels for our digestive system and one of the healthiest cooking fats. Ghee is a natural pre-biotic, since it contains Butyric Acid, known to heal the gut. Ghee is the gold standard for cooking at a very high smoke point of 250 degree Celsius or more.

When you open the jar, you can see that Ghee has various textures and that is absolutely normal. It can look grainy, gritted, half melted, solid or totally liquid. This is because of the temperature outside. Ghee is the most shelf stable cooking fat, amongst all other cooking oils and fats.

Our aim at Ghee Appétit has always been to do minimalistic processing to our organic ingredients; and using zero additives, preservatives and colourings. This ensures that the product arrives at our customers in its purest natural form.

Some Interesting facts about Ghee Appétit Ghee:

  • Our Ghee is of artisanal quality i.e., handmade with ancient Ayurvedic recipe.
  • Our Ghee is Certified Organic and Grass-Fed.
  • Our Ghee is lactose & casein free.
  • Our Ghee is shelf stable.
  • Our Ghee is laboratory tested for your peace of mind.
  • Our Ghee has a high smoke point of 250•C/482•F.
  • Our Ghee is readily edible, so you can eat or spread straight from the jar.
  • Our Ghee has an amazing taste and is a delight to spread, cook, bake and fry with.
  • Melt our Ghee on hot food, soups, broths, rice & grains too, as a finishing glaze.
  • We use open flame to cook our Ghee.We do this to ensure that Ghee does not lose its ancestry in terms of its taste, grainy texture and health benefits. We also cook our Ghee in the most saatvic (peaceful) environment at our beautiful village farm.
  • Our Ghee boasts of being processed with nutrient retention method. This ensures that you get the maximum amounts of Vitamin A, D, E, K2; along with CLA, Butyric acid, Omega3 & Omega9 essential fatty acids. In a nutshell you will get all the gut healing and immunity building nutrients.
  • For our Ghee Infusions, we infuse some herbs and spices in Ghee while cooking and some are infused after cooking. This is done in line with Ayurveda, to make the infusion healing, digestible and beneficial.
  • We like to leave some of our infusions in the jar. You can melt the jar in the microwave for a minute or leave in hot boiled water to loosen the ghee in cold temperatures. This will enable you to stir in the settled herb or spice for a wholesome experience.

COOK, NOURISH & HEAL with Ghee Appétit…!

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