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Expert recommendations for Ghee Appétit

Published on:
April 8, 2022
Ghee Appetit endorsements

When food writers and connoisseurs recommend our Ghee, it feels that we are doing something right. Our Grassfed and Organic Ghee is churned and cooked in a holistic way, retaining all the nutritional value of butter sans the milk solids. Very few Ghee are cooked on flame and are triple filtered. We slow cook our Ghee on flame, and with the tips and guidance from our health coach we put all the TLC in our Ghee that a mum would put in her children’s nutrition.

           Ghee Butter, Desi Ghee, Pure Ghee, Clarified Butter are the names, people the world over know ghee as.  The French cuisine uses ghee a lot-they call it Beurre Clarifie. The British call it Drawn Butter. The recent headline on Wall Street Journal endorsed Ghee as a “pure butterfat and culinary gold. Its nutty flavour and high smoke point makes it super versatile as well as delicious. This is better than butter-whether you are cooking Steaks or Roasting Vegetables.”

                       The world is just a few thousand years late to realize the importance of this ancient Indian Superfood-Ghee. In India Ghee has always been used in culinary/ spiritual/ Ayurvedic/ Beauty purposes. And as usual, we need modern scientific validation for our grandmothers’ endorsed traditions too.

        So now that Ghee Appetit Ghee has awards, expert endorsements, and amazing reviews… time to invest in a jar of Ghee Appétit….!

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